Real estate

Real estate is a core part of Hammervoll Pind’s activities. We assist both in negotiations and disputes. We have a strategic perspective and focus on safeguarding and further developing the assets of our clients. Hammervoll Pind can offer knowledgeable lawyers from a variety of backgrounds who enable us to see the overall picture.

Purchase and sale of property

Hammervoll Pind assists with the purchase and sale of property. This occurs either as real estate agent, settlement agent, or as advisor to the seller/buyer, typically when reviewing the contract of purchase. By involving the expertise of our lawyers at any early stage of the process, we assist you with a problem-free property transaction.

Cases involving deficiencies in real estate

The purchase and sale of real estate often involves large amounts for both private individuals and companies. Unfortunately, disputes between buyer and seller often arise. Most cases involve deficiencies relating to the property, however delayed takeover and settlement of payment may also be matters of disagreement. If the buyer discovers deficiencies in the property, he/she must report this to the seller in sufficient time. It is important to be aware that a limitation period also runs in parallel with the deadlines for giving notice of deficiencies. We would recommend that a lawyer is involved at an early stage of the process to avoid claims being lost. Several of the lawyers at Hammervoll Pind have extensive experience in negotiations/mediation and litigation within this area of law.

Professional liability for real estate agents and appraisers

Real estate agents and appraisers have a responsibility when performing their professional duties. The professional has typically provided advice and/or had a controlling task. For his/her part, the professional can also find that he/she has not received complete information from the client. However, professionals are set a relatively strict duty of care. Adequate controls must be conducted and there must be correct grounds for the advice provided. If the real estate agent or appraiser has exhibited negligence and the buyer or seller suffers financial loss, professional practitioners may be liable for damages. We assist both professional practitioners and sellers/buyers. Hammervoll Pind has highly experienced lawyers in this area and we have litigated a number of these types of compensation cases before the courts.

Development of real estate, business management

Hammervoll Pind takes on assignments involving general business management through the management of residential and commercial properties.

Rent and tenancy disputes

Standard contracts are often used to regulate the lease arrangement when renting out residential properties. We often see that these types of contracts are used without much attention being paid to the clauses/factors that one would particularly wish to regulate. Hammervoll Pind can offer lawyers with excellent knowledge of tenancy law. We assist with the signing of the agreement, while the agreement is in force, and after the agreement has come to an end.

Condominium unit owners and housing cooperatives

Hammervoll Pind is frequently used as an advisor to the boards of condominium unit owners and housing cooperatives. We provide advice regarding ongoing management and in the event of any disputes.

Neighbour disputes

Disputes between neighbours over noise, hedges or trees are becoming increasingly more common. The rules governing your rights in relation to your neighbours are often discretionary and all matters must be specifically assessed. We assist with attempts to achieve amicable and practical solutions. Hammervoll Pind has experienced lawyers who can bring the case before the courts if an amicable agreement is not possible.

Property law

Property law is an area of law that involves a great deal of conflict. We often see that disputes are caused by the fact that there was no clear agreement when the right was established, including how the right was to be further regulated. When buying and selling property it is of vital importance to clarify the rights and obligations associated with the property. Hammervoll Pind has lawyers with extensive knowledge within this specialist field.

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